I am Mohamed Hussein, and I am Full Stack Software Developer | Hardware Designer | Physics & Math Teacher |

As part of my learning process and professional asset, I have worked in the past 12 years with multi culture and diversity organizations. I have worked as quality supplier engineer, as physics and math teacher, as IT assistance, and also as CEO & Founder of Startup Technology Company. All this time, the one thing never get off out my mind since childhood, was to provide summarized and simplified way of education system. I have started two hand written books in the year of 2003, one in Math: The Summary of Math From Counting To Collage, and one in Physics: Loving Physics as My Favorite Subject. In the year of 2010, when I was in the middle of my Computer Engineering degree, I started working on to organize Science & Technology Courses, and I have launched my first education WordPress Blog, which eventually I lost its login credential. Now as the end of 2019, finally, I have completed two courses in Math, one course in Physics, two courses in Computer Basics, one course in Computer Programming, and one course in Electronics/Robotics & Embedded Systems.

Its not just teaching, but I am learning as well.

I love helping, and I believe that helping others will help you.

Mohamed Hussein